Nissan’s Autonomous Car Hits Japanese Roads

Nissan has announced it will start testing a prototype of an autonomous vehicle on Japanese roads. Its vehicle intelligence system, called The new prototype vehicle is based on Nissan’s LEAF electric vehicle, but with high-tech lasers, cameras, and sensors that allow the car to drive itself.

NHTSA Rejects Nissan’s Request

On January 16th the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rejected a request from Nissan regarding vehicle safety testing procedures. The automaker petitioned for a change to the electrical sho... Read More...

Nissan Recalls One Million Vehicles Due to Glitch in Air Bag System Software

Nissan has issued a second recall related to air bags since last April. The first recall was for over 82,000 2013 model vehicles due to a sensor being incorrectly manufactured. This new recall affects the air bag system software and a glitch that may not be able to determine whether or not there is a person sitting in the front passenger seat causing the air bag to not inflate in a crash.

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Self-Driving Car Tested on Japan’s Highways

With an official license plate from the Japanese government, Nissan Motor Company has conducted the first public road test of its “Autonomous Drive” with a special version of its Leaf electric vehicle. The test was performed on the Sagami Expressway.