Engineers Test Experimental Electric Aircraft on the Ground

A truck with an airplane wing attached to it barrels down a dusty road at 73 miles per hour. The contraption is even stranger up close, because the wing has 18 electric motors powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries built into its carbon composite body.
Spiral Galaxies | NASA

NASA Engineer Provides Update on “Impossible” EM Drive

After several months of silence, NASA engineer Paul March has confirmed that NASA’s work on the controversial electromagnetic (EM) drive continues at the Eagleworks Laboratory at the Johnson Space Center. The hypothetical technology could radically change space travel by allowing spacecraft to fly to the edge of the Solar System in just a few months without the use of a propellant.
NASA's Terrier Improved Malemute Rocket

Students Send 3D Printer Into Space

A 3D printer built by 20 engineering students from Virginia Tech will lift off into space in a 900-pound rocket as an experiment to explore how additive manufacturing (a.k.a. 3D printing) withstands a launch an... Read More...