Engineers Create New Material Inspired by Natural Materials

MIT engineers have created a new material that was inspired by natural materials that feature the advantages of live cells and their ability to respond to their environment. This new material was demonstrated using bacterial cells that were coaxed to produce biofilms that can combine with nonliving materials.

Researchers Develop New Low-Power Signal-Processing Chip for Cochlear Implants

A team of researchers at MIT’s Microsystems Technology Laboratory (MTL) with physicians from Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary (MEEI) developed a low-power signal-processing chip that could change the future of cochlear implants. The device would require no external hardware and would be recharged wirelessly.

‘Max Flow’ Problem Could be Simplified with New Algorithm

Mathematicians and computer scientists have been challenged for decades by finding the most efficient way to move items across a network, but when the network has grown exponentially like the Internet, traditional methods prove problematic. A team at MIT has developed a new algorithm that reduces the time to solve these problems.