Your Next Desk Lamp: A Plant That Glows?

Can you imagine a natural plant in your office providing sufficient light for you to work by?  Well, according to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Techno... Read More...
3d printed hair

New Technique for 3D Printing Actuators, Sensors, and Hair

Although today’s 3D printers are capable of some amazing things, researchers in MIT’s Media Lab are rethinking the technology and expanding its capabilities. They have found a way to bypass a time-intestive step in 3D printing so that hair-like structures can be printed. They have used their new technique to print “hairs” that can perform sensing, adhesion, and actuation.
terahertz laser

Terahertz Lasers Inspired by Antenna Design

Terahertz lasers could potentially be used in security and medical diagnostics because of their ability to detect chemicals and evaluate materials. However, the technology will need to be improved before it is widely adopted.

MIT Engineer Achieves Zero Resistance Edge State in Circuit

Researchers led by MIT postdoc Cui-Zu Chang has achieved the first zero-resistance edge state in a circuit. The circuit exhibits the quantum anomalous Hall effect, a property that allows it to transfer information. Superconductors have also achieved zero resistance, but they can only transfer electrical information.