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A Problem (and a Solution) with MIL-STD-461F/G CS114 Below 10 kHz

Ten years ago, MIL-STD-461F added a low frequency extension to CS114 that models common mode noise generated by dc power systems used on Navy ships.

Agilent Technologies Extends Frequency Range and Enhances Scan Speed of Standards-Compliant MXE EMI Receiver

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced two new options for its MXE X-Series electromagnetic interference receiver:...

Current Harmonics Testing: MIL-STD-1399 Section 300B versus MIL-STD-461F

The extensive use of power electronics on vessels and offshore installations, especially on electric propulsion ships, has had a substantial impact on the power quality of the power distribution system. This article discusses the effects of current harmonic distortion created by commercial uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) being deployed in Naval shipboard applications.

Testing for Immunity to EMP

The 21st century as we know it, truly reflects the age of technology. Every aspect of life today is encompassed by the use of some sort of microprocessor based electronics intended to simplify tasks, to improve processes, and improve efficiency. Electronics are used to communicate with loved ones, manage finances, fly aircraft, even save lives. As greater advances in technology are achieved, electronics are found controlling more important safety critical functions at an exponential rate. Although electronics have provided us with obvious benefits, the increasing reliability on electronics has elevated our vulnerability to the effects electromagnetic pulses.

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