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IEC 61196-10 Standard Published

The International Electrotechnical Commission has published the IEC 61196-10 standard. IEC 61196-10 ed1.0 applies to “Coaxial communication cables - Part 10: Sectional specification for semi-rigid cables with p... Read More...

Time-Saving Effects of FFT-Based EMI Measurements

In the world of RF and microwave testing, measurements required for EMI are among the most complex and time-consuming since they incorporate a wide array of specific tests that must be performed over an array of frequencies. They typically require not only many hours of test time but even more for configuring and reconfiguring the test set-up.

Fortunately, advances in the signal processing abilities of test equipment have reduced test time over the years. However, the real improvements are the result of enhancement measurement software, greater integration, automation of the test process, and increasing acceptance of time-domain techniques based on Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) for use in preview measurements of the disturbance spectrum, for example. Together they are slowly making the EMC measurement process faster, and more efficient and accurate.