Kilograms, Amperes and Kelvins, Oh My

Just when you thought that some things were forever immutable, now comes word that the definitions of some critical weights and measures will soon be changed. According to a report posted to Science Daily we... Read More...

Do Measurements Validate Simulations?

It is very common for people doing simulations to make a measurement of a similar set up to validate the simulation. This is a reasonable precaution since modern simulation tools will give a very accurate answer to whatever question it is asked.

Site Attenuation Measurements Using External Source Control

A method of determining the performance of an open area test site (OATS) or an anechoic chamber is to perform a site attenuation measurement. The process used is to step a signal source at the transmitting antenna and use a receiver or spectrum analyzer at the receiving antenna. The two are stepped together to give a set of data that shows the performance of the test site or chamber. ANSI C63.4 outlines the process for performing normalized site attenuation (NSA) measurements. In these measurements, the spectrum analyzer controls the signal source.