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Earth’s Invisible Shield Discovered

Scientists have recently discovered an invisible shield that protects the Earth from potentially dangerous radiation. The shield acts as a glass wall and can block electrons coming from the Van Allen radiat... Read More...

New Theory Describes Motion of Magnons

Researchers at MIT created two new equations to describe magnon transport and have developed a theory of how quasi-particles in magnets spin to predict a new cooling effect.

Superconductor World Record Broken

A team of University of Cambridge researchers broke a superconductor world record that was more than a decade old by harnessing a magnetic field with a strength of 17.6 Tesla in a superconductor. The previous r... Read More...

New Magnetic Coil from Teseq Generates Fields up to 1200A/m

Teseq is now offering a new magnetic field coil that generates fields up to 1200A/m for use during magnetic field testing. The INA 703 is designed for IEC 61000-4-8, -9 and -10 testing and is ideal for medical equipment, military, avionics, aerospace and industry applications.