FCC Clarifies Emissions Requirements for LED Lights

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) published guidelines that clarify how FCC rules apply to RF LED products. RF LED lighting devices are classified as unintentional radiators and are therefore are subject to the FCC’s Part 15 rules.

Cooling for LEDs

LED lighting has made a profound impact on the functionality and appearance of millions of consumer and commercial products. One of the most challenging issues when using LEDs is thermal dissipation. These ligh... Read More...
LED Lighting Causes Interference | In Compliance Magazine

LED Lighting Causes Interference

Vehicle mounted LED lighting is causing severe interference to radio communication equipment at a log hauler site in Marlborough, New Zealand. Management at the worksite contacted Radio Spectrum Management (R... Read More...

T8 Transformers for LED Lighting Tube Designs

Wurth Electronics Midcom introduces the all new T8 transformer series, specifically designed for T8 sized tube LED applications. These transformers are built using two new packages developed by Wurth Electronics Midcom, which are the only transformer packages in the industry designed specifically for the T8 bulb form factor.