New IEC/TS 62132-9 Test Procedure Released

The International Electrotechnical Commission released a new test procedure, IEC/TS 62132-9. IEC/TS 62132-9 applies to “Integrated circuits – Measurement of electromagnetic immunity– Part 9: Measurement of ra... Read More...

CDM Currents for Small Integrated Circuits

Integrated circuits are tested for their robustness to electrostatic discharge (ESD) using the Human Body Model (HBM) and Charged Device Model (CDM) test methods. Circuits which pass 1000 V HBM or 250 to 500 V CDM can be handled with high yield in manufacturing facilities using basic ESD control procedures. [1, 2] HBM is the oldest, best known and most widely used ESD test method, but most ESD factory control experts contend that the vast majority of ESD failures in modern manufacturing lines are better represented by the CDM test method. The CDM test method is intended to reproduce what happens when an integrated circuit becomes charged during handling, and then discharges to a grounded surface.