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Rohde & Schwarz Expands Footprint in India

Rohde & Schwarz has inaugurated a new facility center in Bengaluru’s Manyata Tech Park, housing R&D, system integration as well as calibration and repair services.

India DoT Exempts Smartphones from Mandatory Testing

India’s Department of Telecom (DoT) has withdrawn its requirement for mandatory testing and certification...

Automotive Product Certifications for the Indian Market: An Overview

India has several mandatory product certifications that affect automotive products. Most relevant are the AIS certification for automotive components, the BIS certification for electronic products and the WPC registration for wireless products.

New Medical Device Rules to Take Effect in India

As part of its effort to create a more formalized system of registration requirements,...

RFID Regulations and Certification Procedures in Emerging Asian Markets

International regulations addressing radiofrequency identification (RFID) devices may seem as endless and evolving as applications for the technology itself.
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GM Recalls 155,000 Vehicles in India to Fix Wiring Trouble

General Motors (GM) will recall 155,000 cars to repair the wiring of remote keyless...

Indian Telecom Department Defers Screening of Products Used in Mobile Networks

  The lack of a suitable testing laboratory in India has delayed the screening process...

Automotive Crash Test Standards Being Developed in India

The Indian Road Transport Ministry has begun the process of creating standards for automobile safety, called the New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP). Test facilities are also being built to perform these tests throughout the country.

India testing, registration requirements for electronic devices set to take effect

In an effort to protect consumers from potentially unsafe gray market products, India has...

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