The iNARTE Informer – September 2010

WHAT IS CERTIFICATION? A recent IN Compliance survey showed that many readers wanted to know more about iNARTE’s Certification Programs and the process of Certification. We have therefore decided that this ... Read More...

The iNARTE Informer – July 2010

HEADQUARTERS NEWS We are back to full strength at the office. Our new FCC operations administrator, Karen Fothergill joined us in April and now has full responsibility for the FCC licensensure activities. Kare... Read More...
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The iNARTE Informer – May 2010

HEADQUARTERS NEWS Unfortunately our administrator for the FCC Licensure side of our operation, Judy Sydow, has had to leave iNARTE in order to undergo a series of medical treatments. This has been a sudden dec... Read More...

The iNARTE Informer – March 2010

HEADQUARTERS NEWS We are delighted to welcome Jeameeka White to our Headquarters’ staff. Jeameeka is a New Bern native, which in itself is somewhat unique, given the number of transplants in this area (such as... Read More...

The Value of Certification

What does “certification” mean to you? What is the value of becoming “certified?”

The answer to this question has to include an answer to another question, “what is being certified?” In the electrostatic control arena, the world’s Premiere organization for education and standards development is the ESD Association. The ESD Association has established several types of certification. ESDA offers facility certification programs to ANSI/ESD S20.20 through the various certification bodies that are also performing audits and certification reviews to ISO 9001. They also offer personal certification programs, namely the Program Manager and Device Design Certifications. These three prestigious titles carry a wealth of meaning behind them in terms of knowledge, competence, and problem-solving ability. In addition to the certifications offered by the ESD Association, ESDA is also affiliated with The International Association for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics (iNARTE), which offers certification for ESD Engineers and Technicians. The ESD Association, through this affiliation with iNARTE, provides a large amount of the training for person’s seeking iNARTE certification.