Little Box Challenge Contest Announced by Google and IEEE

The “Little Box Challenge” contest developed by Google and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is seeking teams of engineers to reduce the size of power inverters to a size smaller than a compact laptop. The winning team to build the smallest power inverter will receive a $1 million prize.

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Market-driven Standardization and IEEE 802.3™ Ethernet Innovation

1403 ethernet-innovation coverEthernet’s success in the marketplace is undeniable, and market-driven standardization has been instrumental in its success. It’s a cycle of synergistic innovation and market growth that has been spinning for decades. Ethernet has become entwined with almost every pattern and process of every-day life around the world. Whether a personal computer (PC) has a direct connection to a router or an indirect connection through a “Wi-Fi®” access point, it is highly likely that Ethernet is providing the connection to the Internet.

“I Spy Ethernet IEEE 802.3™” Contest Winner Announced

The IEEE Standards Associated has announced the winner of their “I Spy Ethernet IEEE 802.3™” contest, Rahul Kar, an IT student from Calcutta, India. Mr. Kar’s submission represented smart cities based on the Internet of Things.

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IEEE Selects 2014 President-Elect

Dr. Howard E. Michel has been selected as the 2014 IEEE President-elect and will begin his one-year term on January 1, 2014. Dr. Michel is an associate professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UMass-Dartmouth and engineering consultant.