The 6G Future: How 6G Will Transform Our Lives

As the name suggests, 6G is the sixth generation of mobile connectivity technology. The IEEE Standards Association is building an ecosystem of interested stakeholders from across the globe to address the need for robust, responsible, and affordable wired/wireless platforms in the future.

A Bias Tee for Broadband Measurement of Power Electronic Components

Bias tees are an important tool for many applications including vector network analysis. As accurate understanding and modeling of power electronic components becomes increasingly important for the study of their electromagnetic emissions, so do broadband measurements with bias tees. This paper describes the composition of such a special bias tee in terms of the necessary geometries and circuitry.

The Rise of Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) in Automobiles, Industrial Automation, and Aviation

Speed and determinism in design, made possible by time-sensitive networking (TSN) technology, is prompting the development of new TSN profiles for a multitude of applications across industry sectors. The IEEE 802.1™ Working Group of the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) offers numerous TSN profiles for applications, including the automotive, manufacturing, and aviation industries.

Conducted Emissions Feedback from VSD-Operated Products

The ubiquitous increase in the use of mains power switching devices has been paralleled by the increase in nuisance tripping of GFCIs and other protection devices. Nuisance tripping can be identified to contain such high frequency signals and these must be properly taken into account when designing proper GFCI operation in this environment.

IEEE Acquires GlobalSpec from IHS

IEEE has acquired GlobalSpec, a source of news, data, and analytics for the global engineering and technical community, including the Engineering360 brand. The new for-profit subsidiary of IEEE will be called I... Read More...

The IEEE DIY Project is Open

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) is now accepting entries to the IEEE DIY Project. This Do-It-Yourself project was created to help encourage and support future makers and tinkerers by... Read More...
IEEE DIY Project | In Compliance Magazine

IEEE Announces DIY Project Initiative

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers has announced a new initiative that helps engineers share and connect with others in the do-it-yourself (DIY) movement. The IEEE DIY Project allows engin... Read More...