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Market-driven Standardization and IEEE 802.3™ Ethernet Innovation

1403 ethernet-innovation coverEthernet’s success in the marketplace is undeniable, and market-driven standardization has been instrumental in its success. It’s a cycle of synergistic innovation and market growth that has been spinning for decades. Ethernet has become entwined with almost every pattern and process of every-day life around the world. Whether a personal computer (PC) has a direct connection to a router or an indirect connection through a “Wi-Fi®” access point, it is highly likely that Ethernet is providing the connection to the Internet.

“I Spy Ethernet IEEE 802.3™” Contest Winner Announced

The IEEE Standards Associated has announced the winner of their “I Spy Ethernet IEEE 802.3™” contest, Rahul Kar, an IT student from Calcutta, India. Mr. Kar’s submission represented smart cities based on the Internet of Things.