Charged Board Event (CBE)

Charged Board Event (CBE) is an electrostatic discharge (ESD) event that can occur on assembled printed circuit boards (PCB) and electromechanic assemblies.
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ESD Control in the World of IoT

The Industry 4.0 IoT platform automatically becomes a reliable and dependable venue for compliance verification, eliminating the traditional way of tedious predefined period manual checks.
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Latch-up Qualification

Often (very) fast transients have been proven to trigger latch-up. This kind of latch-up is called transient induced latch-up, commonly known as “transient latch-up” (TLU).
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Next Generation Charged Device Model ESD Testing

The charged device model describes the electrostatic discharge (ESD) event that occurs when an integrated circuit (IC) is rapidly charged or discharged through a single pin to a metallic surface.