IEC 62368-1: What Can We Expect?

There is a product safety standard on the immediate horizon that will change the product compliance landscape in new and revolutionary ways.
1309 F2 cover

Marking and Labeling

1309 F2 coverIt is common for every marketed product to contain some type of marking—label, silkscreen, engraving, stamping, or any combination of these four. Every safety standard has a section or clause that is concerned with marking. Among these markings, a label is the one that is commonly used in most products.

Thermal Testing: A Primer

Thermal testing, also known as heat testing, is one of the most critical tests required by the majority of regulatory safety standards in determining the safety of a product.
Excessive heat is the number one enemy in any electrical or electronic circuit. Designers are perpetually trying to improve the way to reduce heat or partially cool their products because they are being asked to design products with higher power density into smaller sizes, while operating temperatures of components or devices have not changed greatly over the past few decades. This means that component temperatures must be well controlled to avoid any failure and to increase the reliability of the product.