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System-Level Grounding

Grounding is often viewed from separate points of view - safety, ESD, or EMI.  This article combines all these aspects together so that practitioners can address grounding at the factories and in the laboratories in a comprehensive way.

How Grounds Affect the Peak Voltage Due to Lightning

The most common characterization of ground rods actually differs from what is observed in the case of lightning. This article discusses what is observed and how that affects ground rod performance.

Defining Product Grounding in the Automotive EMC Test Plan

This article presents the importance of defining product case and load simulator grounding in an automotive EMC test plan.

The 25-Amp Grounding Impedance Test

High-current grounding impedance tests have been specified in safety standards for many years. There are two, independent sources for these tests.

Derivation of Ground Impedance

Did you ever wonder why we use 0.1 ohm (and sometimes 0.5 ohm) for the ground impedance value for plug-and-socket connected equipment?
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Leakage Current Measuring Circuits

The leakage current measuring circuits in IEC 950 and those in North America are exactly the same.

Chroma Introduces Six-in-One Electrical Safety Analyzer

Chroma’s 19032 series combines Hipot, Insulation Resistance (IR), Ground Bond (GB), Leakage Current (LC)/AC...

The Hazards of Multiple Grounding

One of my colleagues has a desk drawer full of I/O boards that have...

Things You May Not Have Heard About Shielding

What determines how effective a cable shield is going to be? And how does the decision to ground or not ground a shield impact its effectiveness? Fortunately, there is a well-developed theory of shielding, which will be discussed as a way to get a general understanding of what can be expected of shield performance. But there’s more to it.

Slaughter Company, Inc. Announces Release of Electrical Safety Compliance Test Systems That Performs the Four Most Common Safety Tests

Slaughter Company, Inc. has announced the release of their new line of electrical safety...
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