Graphene membrane

Graphene Membranes for Telecommunications

Researchers at Cornell University have found yet another application for graphene: to make mechanical resonators that could be used in future telecommunications applications. T

Electrical Graphene Chip Detects DNA Mutations

Researchers have taken a big step toward developing an implantable chip that can detect DNA mutations in real-time and transmit them wirelessly to a smartphone or computer. A team of bioengineers and the University of California, San Diego designed an electrical graphene chip that can detect a common mutation in DNA.

Graphene Gets a Tunable Band Gap

Graphene is an incredible material for many applications, but it is limited by the fact that it lacks a band gap. Scientists at the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) have developed a new technique for nitrogen doping that gives graphene a stable, tunable band gap.
graphene patch

Golden Graphene Patch Manages Diabetes

Managing diabetes could soon be as easy and painless as wearing a band aid. Researchers at Seoul National University (SNU) have developed a wearable patch that monitors glucose levels and delivers the correct a... Read More...