New 13 Watt Sarcon Gap Filler

Fujipoly® announces the introduction of Sarcon® GR80A, an extremely soft, high-performance thermal interface material that also exhibits a low thermal resistance. The new material is available in sheets from 0.... Read More...
silver zebra

Rugged, Low-Resistance Silver Connector

 The Fujipoly Series 5002 Silver Zebra® connector is an excellent low-cost, long-life option for LCD to printed circuit board connections.  It is also a great choice as a board to board connector where space is... Read More...

5.0 W/m°K FIP Thermal Compound

SARCON® SPG-50A from Fujipoly® is among the industry's highest performance form-in-place gap filler compounds. The 5.0 W/m°K silicone based material is a great option for electronic devices that have delicate c... Read More...

Cooling for LEDs

LED lighting has made a profound impact on the functionality and appearance of millions of consumer and commercial products. One of the most challenging issues when using LEDs is thermal dissipation. These ligh... Read More...

Sticky Thermal Solution

Fujipoly announces the introduction of Sarcon® GR-Tac, a highly conformable and durable .25mm thick polyester reinforced thermal interface material.  Sarcon® 25GR-Tac is easy to install and typically does not require adhesive due to its naturally tacky consistency. These inherent material characteristics make it ideal for applications where surface space and surface textures vary.


Fujipoly Releases New Catalog

Fujipoly announced its new Thermal Interface Material and Elastomeric Connector product catalog.  The free 52-page product overview and technical design guide includes helpful installation suggestions as well as detailed thermal performance and electrical conductivity data points.


New Thermal Gel Sheets

Fujipoly introduces Sarcon® GR-Ae, an extremely soft Thermal Interface Silicone Gel Compound.  Sarcon® GR-Ae is manufactured in sheet form and is designed to efficiently transfer heat from its source to a nearb... Read More...