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fuel cells

Increasing Correlation of Testing of Battery and Fuel Cell Powered Systems with Their Real-World Applications

Using established circuit analysis techniques and new capabilities in modeling/simulation tools can improve the understanding of battery and fuel cell powered system performance.

Are Cheaper Fuel Cells On The Horizon?

A new study raises hope for the potential of cheaper fuel cells in the near future.

Seawater Can Now Efficiently Power Fuel Cells

Sunlight and seawater could make electricity to power tomorrow's fuel cells. Researchers at Osaka University developed an efficient way to turn water into hydrogen peroxide, which is a practical alternative to hydrogen gas.

Scientific Breakthrough Could Lead to Inexpensive Fuel Cells

A team of engineers has made a scientific breakthrough that could help entice more...

Toyota is Developing Satellite Communication for Connected Cars

Toyota is showing off a fuel cell vehicle with satellite communications technology at the...
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BMW Plant Uses Garbage to Power Fuel Cell Forklifts

Proving that one person’s trash can truly be a treasure, a BMW plant in...

Nano-Raspberries Convert Liquid Methanol into Electricity

Researchers at the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) have made a discovery...

Inexpensive Water Splitter Uses AAA Battery

Stanford scientists have developed an inexpensive, emissions-free device that can produce hydrogen through water...

$33 Million Devoted to Develop Fuel Cell Technology by DOE

The Department of Energy has invested $33 million to develop 13 different innovative projects...

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