Arson Under the Christmas Tree

A rural mountain cottage fire was initially ruled as an accidental Christmas tree fire. The insurance company’s Special Investigation Unit discovered information that prompted further fire scene investigation. The scene investigation resulted in evidence that the fire was likely intentionally set.
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Fire Prevention

The best solution to fire - any fire - is to prevent fire in the first place.

Fire Enclosures

In our last issue, I discussed heating, pyrolysis, and combustion processes necessary for a fire to occur. I discussed that flame-retardant materials continue to burn in the presence of a heat source. I want to... Read More...

Electrically-Caused Fire

Probably the single most frequently occurring and most misunderstood issue in electronic product safety is electrically-caused fire. I thought I would review fire processes in plastics materials (the most common flammable construction material in electronic products).

United Copper Recalls Metal Clad Cables

United Copper Inc., of Denton, Texas, is recalling 50-foot and 1,000-foot 12/2 metal clad aluminum armored cabling. The cable is used to connect a circuit breaker to a 120-volt wall outlet or lighting switch. ... Read More...