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Filter Connectors from a 2013 Perspective

1308 F4 coverFilter connectors are often a misunderstood product for many components engineers. The lack of understanding is often a result of the fact that filter connectors seldom make the “What’s New” headlines and because many engineers typically don’t have a need for them. But those who do are certainly glad they are available!


Noise Mitigation Analysis of a π-filter for an Automotive Control Module

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters are often used on automotive 13.8 VDC power networks to reduce high-frequency noise from being conducted off the printed circuit boards (PCB) and resulting into EMI problems. The filter performance is difficult to predict and often compromised at high frequencies due to parasitics associated with the filter itself, or the PCB layout. The power line filters with Surface Mount Technology ferrite and Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitors are attractive solutions for mitigation of RF noise in high-density automotive PCBs. A lumped-element SPICE model is introduced for optimized π-filter design, including frequency-dependent ferrite component model. The PCB implementation of EMI filter is outlined for optimum filter performance.

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Combined Dual ESD/EMI Audio Filter

With ten discrete component functions integrated on one chip, the new EPCOS ESD/EMI audio filter enables high audio quality in stereo headsets, mobile phones, portable multimedia players, PDAs and notebook comp... Read More...