FCC Clarifies Emissions Requirements for LED Lights

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) published guidelines that clarify how FCC rules apply to RF LED products. RF LED lighting devices are classified as unintentional radiators and are therefore are subject to the FCC’s Part 15 rules.
1308 F4 cover

Filter Connectors from a 2013 Perspective

1308 F4 coverFilter connectors are often a misunderstood product for many components engineers. The lack of understanding is often a result of the fact that filter connectors seldom make the “What’s New” headlines and because many engineers typically don’t have a need for them. But those who do are certainly glad they are available!


US vs Recent Canadian Rules for Ultra-Wideband Radio Operations

With the publication of Industry Canada RSS-220 in March of this year, manufacturers are now able to certify and market their UWB (Ultra-Wideband) equipment in Canada. Following the publication of FCC (Federal Communications Commission) UWB rules in Part 15 Subpart F by 7 years, the new RSS-220 rules largely follow FCC equipment categories and limits. However, the Industry Canada limits are more stringent in part than the FCC’s for hand held and indoor communication devices. Test methods and equipment labeling also differ somewhat between the FCC and IC rules.