Addressing the Global Threat of EMP Events

Maintaining the resilience of all critical infrastructure segments, including the electric grid, sensitive data centers and vital communication channels, has become a growing concern globally as electromagnetic pulse (EMP) events continue to threaten society and the operation of business and life as we know it.
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TILE! Software Supports New Agilent MXE EMI Receiver

TILE!™ (Total Integrated Lab Environment) software automates complex EMC tests with a simple drag-and-drop visual interface. It is a favorite of both private and commercial EMC test labs, with more than 200 installations world-wide.

A Brief History of Horns: From Early History to Latest Developments

Unlike so many technologies in use today, horn antenna history actually started more than a hundred years ago. This short article introduces the reader to the history of horns from the early experiments of radio pioneers to the “horn boom” during the 1940s and 1950s. The article ends with the latest evolution of horn antennas.