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The World’s First Electromagnetic Shark Cable Will Arrive By End of Year

Western Australia is poised to get the world's first electromagnetic shark deterrent by the end of 2019.

Mass-Producing Cell-Sized Robots

MIT scientists have invented microscopic robots the size of a single cell that could potentially be mass-produced.

AT&T Fined $52 Million for Mishandling Electronic Waste

AT&T has settled with the state of California as part of a settlement that...

e-Highway Project Planned for Los Angeles

A new road design project between Los Angeles and Long Beach is planned to...

IEC 62474 Declarable Substance List and Data Exchange Updated

On September 24, 2014 an update to the IEC 62474 Declarable Substance List (DSL)...
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Sea-Tac Airport Switches Diesel Service Vehicles to Electric Vehicles

Part of a program to reduce fuel consumption and pollution, Sea-Tac Airport has replaced diesel-powered service vehicles with a new convoy of electric-powered vehicles that will transfer baggage and move planes.

Design Practices for Military EMC and Environmental Compliance

1402 F2 coverThe reliable operation of complex electronic communications, control and armament systems in extreme environments demands stringent design criteria and careful validation. Severe shock, vibration, heat, humidity and airborne contaminants are common in land, sea and air platforms.

A Sunny Day in Tennessee: The New Volkswagen Plant at Chattanooga

1305 F4 coverThe lack of conversation around the environment, climate change, and our energy economy during the 2012 election season, while widely noted, still seemed to attract little attention. Certainly health, financial and national security issues were more immediate concern for many voters. Yet, the lack of initiative at the federal level has not kept technical innovators, astute business people and local governments from moving forward with new ideas for addressing our environmental and energy concerns.

What Do You Mean, Environmental Test… and “Don’t Stack Your Resonances”?

Mention the word “environment” to most people and they think of air pollution, soot, contaminated beaches, etc. Those certainly are problems we must all consider, but I’m using the word “environment” differently here.

Smoking or Non-smoking?

In the Summer of 2000 I booked some burn time at a small environmental lab in south Dallas. The facility was not exactly state-of-the-art, but the price was right: $300 a burn. It sure beat paying about $4,000 a burn at an NRTL at the time. For 300 bucks, you got the chamber, a methane line burner connected by a hose to a big tank of methane gas, and a technician who would manually operate the whole thing from an adjoining isolated room. A fire extinguisher was always ready “just in case”.

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