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energy harvesting

Researchers Develop New Method to Develop More Efficient Solar Cells

A professor at the University of California at Berkeley has developed a new cost-effective...

Researchers Investigating the Use of Graphene to Reduce Size and Weight of Batteries

University of Manchester researchers are investigating ways to use graphene to reduce the size...

New Supercapacitor Stores Electricity in a Unique Way

A team of researchers from Vanderbilt’s Nanomaterials and Energy Devices Laboratory have created a...

Researchers Make Lithium-Ion Batteries Last Longer with Material Found in Silly Putty

Researchers from the University of California’s Riverside Bourns College of Engineering developed a way...

Scientists Find Material to Covert Waste Heat to Electricity

A team of scientists from Northwestern University have found a crystal form of the chemical compound tin selenide to be the best material to use to covert waste heat to useful electricity.  Tin selenide poorly conducts heat making it the most effective thermoelectric material to date.

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Scientists Find Way to Store Solar Energy More Effectively

MIT and Harvard University Scientists had developed a way to use molecules to store solar energy that can later be used to heat homes or water. These molecules have the ability to store heat forever and be used without emitting any greenhouse gases.

Researchers Develop Way to Make Semiconductors Better Detectors

Researchers at Georgia State University have found a way for semiconductors to detect a wider range of light than currently possible. An extra light source was added to their device that prepares the semiconductor with energy and when a low energy, long wavelength beam passes over, the extra light source pushes the material to the top creating a detectable reaction. 

Researchers Discover Way to Boost Energy Harvesting in Vibration Harvesters

A team of researchers from the A*STAR Institute of Materials Research and Engineering have found a way to boost energy production using lightweight polymer vibration. This method could eliminate the need for manual recharging of batteries in microsensors and mobile devices.

Study Finds Wind Power Storage More Cost-Effective than Solar Power

A team of Stanford University researchers have found wind energy can produce grid-scale storage up to three days of uninterrupted power more cost-effectively than storing solar power. This is solving a problem faced when using renewable energy sources especially when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow.

Researchers Develop Model to Show How Mobile Networks Can Power Themselves

A team of researchers at the University of Southern California collaborated with Samsung to develop a model that interprets how fast wireless devices can capture and store energy to demonstrate that complex networks can be run on renewable energy sources.

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