New Thermoelectric Generator Device Turns Waste Heat into Electricity

A new thermoelectric generator (TEG) has demonstrated how it can turn wasted energy into 200 watts of electricity that can be used in vehicles for added power. The device created by GMZ Energy is a module measuring one square inch, and a quarter-inch thick that uses a unique method to decrease heat leakage and provide an increase in performance.

Micro-Windmills Could Power Mobile Phones

UT Arlington researchers have developed wind turbines that are half the size of an ant. These micro-windmills are made from a small fragment of metal that is mounted on a rectangular base, and has three blades.

Researchers Make a Breakthrough in Battery Design

Stanford University researchers developed a method to design a pure lithium anode that will change the future of battery designs. Design engineers have been trying to develop this type of anode for decades, but have not been able to accomplish this feat.

Innovative Design Keeps Solar Cells Cool

Stanford University scientists are testing a new design to keep solar cells cool by guiding unwanted thermal radiation away with a layer of specially patterned silica glass. This new method of cooling takes a p... Read More...