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Multiple Resonances for Inductors with Core

Resonances in components are a well-known topic for electronic designers when working in high frequencies (e.g. EMI/EMC). Do not forget to test your components with an impedance analyzer, especially if they are custom magnetic components.
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Hidden Start-up Events

Whenever an electronic circuit is first energized, transients occur in current and voltage waveforms. These start-up transients can affect the electrical and thermal behavior of components and circuits with serious reliability, EMI, and random effects. Try to characterize how your circuits start and stop.

CM Versus DM Currents

Common mode currents are in the origin of many typical problems in EMI/EMC and RF electronics. The best way to understand those currents is to visualize them in your scope or spectrum analyzer.

Parasitic Oscillations and EMI Emissions

Parasitic oscillations are one of the four typical causes for emissions in EMI/EMC problems. Try to reduce the gain or break the feedback and the problem could be solved at low cost.