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EMI shielding

Leader Tech Announces Redesigned Website

In an effort to simplify an engineer’s search for EMI shielding products and save...

A Primer on Automotive EMC for Non-EMC Engineers

The automotive industry has changed drastically in recent years. Advancements in technology paired with tighter federal fuel and emissions regulations have resulted in the need to place more electrical systems into vehicles. This in turn places a greater emphasis on keeping the Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) of these systems from interfering with each other through radiated and conducted emissions, as well as crosstalk between the multitudes of on-board systems.

Leader Tech’s EMI Shielding Material for Precision Die-Cuts

Many electronic enclosures have gaps that allow unwanted RF and electromagnetic interference to escape...

Laird Releases Ultra-Low Height Board-Level EMI Shield

Laird announced the release of a new Ultra-Low Height Two-Piece Board-Level Shield. This new...

Laird Expands EMI Shielding Portfolio with Edge Guide Clip-on Strip

Laird has announced the release of a new Fingerstock product, the Edge Guide Clip-on...
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EMI Shielding Thermoplastic Compounds: Dramatic Cost Reductions for Electronic Device Protection

Overview of EMI Shielding Compounds

Electromagnetic radiation that adversely affects device performance is generally termed EMI (ElectroMagnetic Interference). Interference takes many forms such as distortion on a television, disrupted/lost data on a computer, or “crackling” on a radio broadcast. Many electronic devices not only emit electromagnetic fields which might cause interference in other systems, but they are also susceptible to stray external fields which could affect its performance. As a result, they must be shielded to ensure proper performance.

Design and Selection of Shielding Gaskets for Medical Devices and the Effect of Cleaning Solutions on Material Performance

EMI shielding is a critical component of many electronics-based medical devices, which are in turn integral for life-saving procedures and ongoing patient health care. Medical devices are frequently used in the vicinity of other electronic instruments, resulting in an increased risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI). This risk can be mitigated through the use and care of EMI shielding gaskets. For more than a decade the FDA has also expressed concerns for public health and safety in regards to device EMI and the solutions for these concerns.

A Milestone Reached… A Legacy Continues!

FerriShield recently celebrated its 25th year in business and its 2nd Anniversary as a...

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