Australian Radio Communications, EMC and EMF Regulatory Requirements: A Primer

Wireless devices are now in the legislative spotlight the world over. Safety, performance, spectrum usage and protection of personal data are all matters of regulation, although countries vary in how they regulate such concerns. This article looks at Australia as a case study, reviewing the overarching legal framework, the role of the national regulator, conformity assessment and the use of standards.
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EMF Spectrum Used for Cell Phones Needed by DOD for Next Generation Weapons

Federal and commercial companies are being asked to relinquish as much space as they can of the electromagnetic radiation frequency spectrum for the Department of Defense. The part of the spectrum that is needed for the current fleet of the U.S. military drones and the next generation of F-35 stealth jets is also being used by cellphone users.


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EU Parliament renews concerns about EMFs

The European Union (EU) Parliament has formally adopted a resolution calling on the EU Commission and other parties to speed research into possible adverse health effects associated with exposure to electromagn... Read More...