Banana Skins #358-364

Operating my personal document shredder crashes my digital TV set-top box, although it is 5 metres away. Toggling the on/off button on the set-top box restores normal operation. 

EMC Related Formulas

Engineers were not meant to be caged in cubicles or meeting rooms, engineers were meant to calculate. Their pencil quick-draws are unmatched; their computing expertise unparalleled. These are the RF formulas that stir a primal craze of chest bumps and cheers, not polite half-smiles; the RF formulas of water cooler legend.

Application of Thrifty Test Equipment for EMC Testing

EMC testing laboratories often have limitations (limited availability, lead times, etc.) that can make it difficult to obtain timely results from routine troubleshooting. Inexpensive test equipment can support efficient and economical in-house EMC troubleshooting.

EMC Standards Overview

Read EMC Standards Overview to review some of the more common standards used across the industry.

Capacitors: Theory and Application

This article presents the fundamentals and application of capacitors. What is a capacitor, and how do we select them? Techniques of selecting capacitors and things to consider when using capacitors are highlighted. Both practical examples and simulation are used to demonstrate the key points.