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EMF Spectrum Used for Cell Phones Needed by DOD for Next Generation Weapons

Federal and commercial companies are being asked to relinquish as much space as they can of the electromagnetic radiation frequency spectrum for the Department of Defense. The part of the spectrum that is needed for the current fleet of the U.S. military drones and the next generation of F-35 stealth jets is also being used by cellphone users.

Spectrum | In Compliance Magazine

Department of Defense Releases Strategy on the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Yesterday, the Department of Defense released a strategy announcing their plans to incorporate future wireless spectrum shortage into its operations and acquisitions. As part of their plans, the DoD will release some of their existing spectrum to share with the private sector where applicable. 

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FCC sees looming spectrum crunch

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has released a detailed study which forecasts a shortage of available frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum in the face of the exponential growth of mobile data... Read More...