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electromagnetic interference

Electrical Interference in Honda Accord Hybrids Prompts U.S. Recall

Earlier this week, we reported that Honda Australia was recalling the 2015 Accord Sport...

Do Personal Wireless Devices Interfere with Medical Equipment?

Doctors are increasingly turning to electronic medical records as a way to always have...

Biomedical Institute Concerned about EMI from Proposed Railway

In the next six months, construction will be complete on the Francis Crick Institute,...

Illegal Radio Stations Interfere with Chinese Flights

Four flights landing at Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport in China this January had to...

Extruded Elastomer EMI Gaskets from Leader Tech

One of the most cost-effective ways to provide both EMI shielding and environmental protection...
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Delcross Announces Electromagnetic Interference Toolkit (EMIT) Release 3.4

Delcross Technologies announced the release of the EMIT (Electromagnetic Interference Toolkit) Version 3.4 software....

EMC Testing to be Performed on F-35A Joint Strike Fighter Model

The United States Joint Strike Fighter Program Office has requested the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) to study the effect of electromagnetic compatibility and interference on a full-scale model of an F-35A Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.

New Edition of ISO/TS 21609:2014 Published

A new edition of ISO/TS 21609 has been published by the International Organization for...

Global Report Released on the EMI and RFI Shielding Materials and Technologies Markets

Global Industry Analysts (GIA) Inc. has released a comprehensive report on the global EMI and RF shielding materials and technologies markets. The report states the forecast of this market will reach $7.9 billion by 2020.

The Basic Principles of Shielding

1403 F4 coverToday’s electrical and electronic devices are subject to mandatory EMC requirements throughout the world. Many devices operate at high frequencies and are very small. They are placed in nonconductive plastic cases providing no shielding. Essentially, all these devices cannot meet these mandatory requirements or they may cause interference to other devices or receive interference causing susceptibility problems without a proper program of EMI control. This program consists of identifying the “suspect” components and circuits that may cause or be susceptible to EMI. This is completed early on in the program to allow for an efficient design in keeping the cost of dealing with EMI as low as possible. A complete EMC program consists of proper filtering, grounding and shielding. This article will discuss the latter, but the other factors cannot and will not be ignored or given insufficient priority.

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