Continuing Your Education in 2017

We’ve queried training resources in our niche industry to provide you with an overview of affordable solutions to meet your training goals in 2017.

Students Compete in Solar Electric Boating Contest

Engineering students recently competed in a unique competition where they saw their designs in action. Solar Splash is a solar electric boating competition that is sponsored by the IEEE’s Power Electronics Society. This year’s event was held June 15-19 in Dayton, Ohio, hosted by reigning champion Cedarville University.

Use Play Dough to Teach Electrical Circuits

A new Kickstarter project called Squishy Circuits promises to turn even the youngest children into circuit designers. While there are already several fantastic educational toys for aspiring engineers on the market, this kit is unique because it is simple and accessible to children as young as three years old.
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Artificial Skin Made from Household Materials Could Transform Medicine, Robotics, and Education

When Muhammad Mustafa Hussain visited Bangladesh years ago, he noticed that many of the children he met were very talented and eager to learn about electronics, despite having very limited resources. He visited the local school and showed the students how they could use inexpensive household materials to make their own basic electronics. He says that seeing the “joy of discovery” on their faces inspired his current research project: a multi-sensor artificial skin made using only items found in a typical household.