SCIF and Radio Frequency Secured Facility Design

Secure facility designs often comingle ICS/ICD-705 and NSA 94-106 design requirements, creating project confusion with significant design and cost implications. This article focuses on bringing some clarity to the differences between ICS/ICD-705 design guidance and NSA 94-106 performance requirements. The related secure facility design and construction process is also reviewed.

EMC Design Techniques for Electric Vehicle Powertrain Modules

This article presents the EMC design techniques for electric vehicle powertrain modules. High voltage EMC regulations for powertrain modules are reviewed first to help understand associated design challenges. The design techniques are then demonstrated in detail to help engineers design a module that will pass the EMC requirements in the test chamber.

ESD Design for RF Mobile Applications

This article highlights key concepts to designing electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuits for radio frequency (RF) and millimeter wave applications. Needed RF concepts are discussed and some popular protection schemes are illustrated.

RC Snubber Design for SMPS Protection

Part I: Fundamentals of Inductive Switching and RC Snubber Impact This is the first of the two articles devoted to the topic of an RC snubber design. In Part I we discuss the fundamentals of the inductive swit... Read More...
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Impact of 3D IC Design on ESD Protection

What is 3D Integration and what is 3D IC? If we rewind three decades, back in the 1980s, there were theoretical studies which suggested that significant reductions in signal delay and power consumption could... Read More...