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Department of Defense Releases Strategy on the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Yesterday, the Department of Defense released a strategy announcing their plans to incorporate future wireless spectrum shortage into its operations and acquisitions. As part of their plans, the DoD will release some of their existing spectrum to share with the private sector where applicable. 

MIL-STD-464B – A Review of the Latest Revisions to the Standard: Part 1


Due to problems in the digital publishing process, MIL-STD-464B 01 October 2010 is scrapped and MIL-STD-464C, release date 01 December 2010 will take its place. There are no technical changes from what are described in this three part article, but the replacement for MIL-STD-464A will be MIL-STD-464C. MIL-STD-464B dated 01 October 2010 will cease to exist.