Hackers Can Steal PIN Codes from Wearables

Your wearable device is tracking your hand movements, which is great if you want to know how many calories you’ve burned, but terrible if you don’t want hackers to know how to get into your bank account.

Researchers Develop Algorithms to Defend Smart Grid

The U.S. Department of Energy is moving to a “smart grid” model This new energy system will use digital technology to communicate and transfer energy in a more thoughtful way. The downside is that opening additional access points make the grid vulnerable to both accidental and malicious power failure. It’s possible for hackers to send false information to mislead grid operators, influencing the decisions they make about how to manage the network of electricity. One approach for securing the grid from potential cyberattacks uses game and control theory.
SOTU 2015

President Addresses Cybersecurity

President Obama gave cybersecurity unprecedented attention in his State of the Union address this week, with cyber threats being discussed right along with terrorism and Ebola. He has urged private industry to ... Read More...