Capacitors: Theory and Application

This article presents the fundamentals and application of capacitors. What is a capacitor, and how do we select them? Techniques of selecting capacitors and things to consider when using capacitors are highlighted. Both practical examples and simulation are used to demonstrate the key points.

Waveguide Components

Fairview Microwave has launched its new line of double ridge waveguide components that are ideal for radar, wireless, and satellite communication devices, and for test instrumentation.

EMC Resonance Part I: Non-Ideal Passive Components

The fundamental circuit background is presented and illustrated by the resonance phenomenon in the non-ideal models of passive circuit components: capacitors, ferrite beads, resistors, and inductors.

There’s an “R” in “Varistor”

This article analyzes the V-I characteristic of a varistor and shows it is more appropriate to treat the varistor as a current dependent resistance rather than the conventionally taught voltage dependent resistance. Spice circuit examples are given, based on a current dependent resistance varistor model.
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Multiple Resonances for Inductors with Core

Resonances in components are a well-known topic for electronic designers when working in high frequencies (e.g. EMI/EMC). Do not forget to test your components with an impedance analyzer, especially if they are custom magnetic components.
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Component Modeling for System-level ESD Simulation

Over the past 5 or 6 years, industry and university researchers have advanced the state of the art in system-level ESD simulation, and this article provided an overview of some of those activities.