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Improving Object Detection With Low-Bandwidth Radar Technology

Scientists from Tel Aviv University have designed a new radar technology that operates with low-bandwidth.

Using Graphene-Silicon Devices For Photonics Applications

Scientists at the University of Delaware have developed a new way to create faster communication between photonics devices.

Using Overtones For Faster Data Communication

Scientists from the University of Gothenburg have discovered a new way to use overtones to create a faster method of data communication.

Material Creation Process Proves Promising for Broadband Planar Waveguide Amplifiers

Scientists from the University of Leeds have devised a new way to create materials for miniaturizing telecommunication devices -- and it involves blasting tiny craters in glass.

Lighting the Way for The Next Era of Silicon Microelectronics

Scientists unveil new microchip technology that enables photonic communication in consumer electronics.
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The Next Generation of Marine Exploration: Hybrid Optical-Acoustic Sensor Design

Researchers are working on constructing a high-quality oceanic sensor network that could change the way we understand marine ecology.

Using Satellite Communication in Air Traffic Management

A new system of satellite-based air-ground communication systems is being used to manage air traffic.

Harnessing the Magnetic Nature of Light for Terahertz-driven Devices

Scientists have discovered a way to enhance radiation power, providing a powerful new resource for nanotechnology and optical frequencies.

New Material Revolutionizes Aerospace and Neuromorphic Computing

Scientists have developed a new material that could be key to revolutionizing aerospace and neuromorphic computing.

New Quantum Radio Challenges the Laws of Physics

Scientists are developing a quantum radio capable of working in places where ordinary cellphones cannot.
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