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Null Experiments While Measuring Signals

When measuring signals in electronic circuits some times what you see on the screen is not what you have in the circuit. Parasitic couplings, mismatching, noise pickup, and many other anomalous effects can give you the wrong picture of your problem.
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Hidden Start-up Events

Whenever an electronic circuit is first energized, transients occur in current and voltage waveforms. These start-up transients can affect the electrical and thermal behavior of components and circuits with serious reliability, EMI, and random effects. Try to characterize how your circuits start and stop.

On Limited-Current Circuits

A Product Safety Newsletter reader asked about where limited-current circuits are required by IEC 950, Sub-clause 2.4.1. He noted that a 5-volt DC circuit will give 2.5 milliamperes into the 2 kohm test resisto... Read More...