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FCC Crackdown: Huawei and ZTE Face Ban on Certifying U.S. Wireless Gear

The FCC has proposed changes to its rule for certifying telecommunications equipment that would end testing lab certification for certain entities that pose a potential threat to U.S. national security.

Recognized Components and Ethical Compliance Obligations

This paper provides an overview on the importance of ethical obligations to help ensure end-product safety and its certifications effectively address and satisfy component level application considerations. These are known as “Conditions of Acceptability” for most North American certification reports and “Application Considerations” for most European Union certification authority reports.

Cellular Approvals and RCM Certification in Australia

Compliance requirements for cellular devices that connect to the mobile phone networks in Australia are similar to those in other countries but with some important differences. In this article, we detail the unique aspects of ACMA technical regulations.

Certifications for the Korean Market: An Overview

South Korea has several mandatory product certifications covering many different product categories. The most important one is the KC certification, which applies to a large variety of products and is comprised of different certification modes.

Update on CCC Certification Scheme for Automotive Parts

Chinese Certification Authorities to Announce Important Changes in the CCC Certification Scheme for Automotive...
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FDA Provides Pre-Certification Working Model

The partial shutdown of many federal agencies has apparently not stopped the U.S. Food...

My Product Line Went to Hazard Based 62368‐1 and All I Got Was This Lousy CB Report

This article offers an alternative to the CB route of compliance to meet the new European safety standard EN 62368-1, Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment - Safety requirements, for equipment having an existing IEC 60950-1 CB certification.

Automotive Certification for Taiwan

In Taiwan, it is against the law to import, buy, sell, use, distribute or trade products that require Taiwanese certification if they do not have the proper mandatory certification.

CCC Certification of Automobiles and Automotive Parts

China is one of the most attractive markets for automotive manufacturers in Europe and the United States. There are not many other markets that are growing as fast or that have more potential than China.

RFID Regulations and Certification Procedures in Emerging Asian Markets

International regulations addressing radiofrequency identification (RFID) devices may seem as endless and evolving as applications for the technology itself.
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