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Using Machine Learning to Analyze Key Capacitor Materials

Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology have figured out a way to use machine learning to build better, more powerful capacitors.

Impact of a Trace Length on Capacitor Frequency Response

In this article we investigate the frequency behavior of a ceramic capacitor.

Using Capacitors in Parallel: Dangerous?

For many applications, especially in digital designs, you can see decoupling networks composed of several different (big and small) capacitors in parallel. But, sometimes this technique can be dangerous.

Perovskites Could Make Safer Capacitors

A team of scientists in Japan developed a new way to make safer components...

New Technique Detects Cracks in Ceramic Capacitors

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a way to...
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New Edition of IEC 60143-1:2015 Standard for Series Capacitors for Power Systems Released

A new edition of IEC 60143-1:2015 has been released by the International Electrotechnical Commission....

Students Harvest Energy from Walking

A group of engineering students from Rice University designed a knee brace that generates...

Decoupling Capacitor Design on PCBs to Minimize Inductance and Maximize EMI Performance

Introduction There are many different opinions about the best decoupling capacitor strategy for printed circuit...

KEMET Introduces World’s First 250V 0402 C0G Ceramic Capacitors

KEMET announced expansions to its commercial and automotive lines of surface mount multilayer ceramic...

New Capacitors Provide Compact Solution for Converters

TDK Corporation announced a new generation of EPCOS CeraLinkTM capacitors, a highly compact solution...
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