Common-Mode Current Creation and Suppression

This article discusses the creation of a common-mode current in a typical circuit and explains the effectiveness of a common-mode choke on differential-mode and common-mode currents.

EMC Units in Measurements and Testing

This article reviews the decibel units used in EMC laboratory measurements and testing. We begin by defining a decibel (dB) unit and proceed to the EMC specific units for voltage, current, power, and impedance measurements.

Basic Bode Plots in EMC Applications – Part II: Examples

This Part II of the tutorial illustrates the Bode plots’ use in several EMC applications. EMC applications will include the non-ideal models of resistors, inductors, and capacitors, as well as the spectral bounds on digital clock signals.

RC Snubber Design for SMPS Protection

This part II of the RC Snubber topic discusses the systematic and efficient design process and design verification through simulations and laboratory measurements

RC Snubber Design for SMPS Protection

Part I: Fundamentals of Inductive Switching and RC Snubber Impact This is the first of the two articles devoted to the topic of an RC snubber design. In Part I we discuss the fundamentals of the inductive swit... Read More...