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battery fire hazard

Galaxy Note 7 Recalled by Samsung

Samsung Electronics is recalling all of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. The phones' batteries...

More Fire Trucks Recalled for Flashlight Fire Hazard

Kovatch Mobile Equipment Corp. is recalling Predator Severe Service fire trucks because they are equipped with Pelican 9410L flashlights that have lithium ion battery packs which may overheat, posing a fire hazard.

Brunton Outdoor’s Rechargeable Battery Packs Pose Fire Hazard

Brunton Outdoor is recalling 1,090 rechargeable battery packs because the lithium ion polymer batteries...

Pierce Recalls Fire Trucks for Fire Hazard

Thirty-six fire trucks are being recalled because, ironically, their equipment poses a fire hazard....

Coleman Flashlights Pose Fire Hazard

Coleman is recalling 9,000 flashlights because the lithium-ion batteries can overheat, posing a fire...
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Pelican Recalls Flashlights and Battery Packs Recalled for Fire Hazard

Pelican Products is recalling 4,600 flashlights and 168 replacement battery packs because the lithium ion battery...

Rockwood Portable Power Backs Recalled for Fire Hazard

Eastwood is recalling Rockwood portable power packs with lithium ion batteries and cables because...

Limoss Recalls Battery Power Packs for Power Recliners and Lift Chairs

Limoss lithium ion battery power packs for power recliners and lift chairs can overheat...

Touchless Faucets Sold at Home Depot Recalled due to Fire and Burn Hazards

Glacier Bay and Schӧn brand kitchen faucets are recalled because they pose fire and...

Wireless Provider Recalls Battery Packs After Explosion

A British wireless carrier’s marketing campaign has backfired, thanks to a defective electronic product....
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