Autonomous Vehicle Software Updated After Google’s Car Hit a Bus

Google’s autonomous vehicle software just learned an unofficial rule of the road: public transit buses are not as friendly as your average car. On Valentine's Day, a self-driving Lexus RX450h hit a bus. Although Google’s autonomous vehicles have previously been involved in crashes, this is the first time that a Google car is at fault.
SAR chip

New Microchip Makes Radar Cameras Smaller and Less Expensive

"We have significantly shrunk the conventional radar camera into a system that is extremely compact and affordable, yet provides better accuracy. This will enable high resolution imaging radar technology to be used in objects and applications never before possible, like small drones, driverless cars and small satellite systems."
Faraday Future Concept Car

Meet Faraday Future’s Concept Car

The company’s plans for the future are more radical than the vehicle itself. It suggests a subscription model, where a self-driving car would pick you up wherever and whenever you request it. Or even better, the car would already know your schedule, so it would automatically bring you to your next appointment, and maybe even suggest restaurant you might like to stop at along the way.

Nissan’s Autonomous Car Hits Japanese Roads

Nissan has announced it will start testing a prototype of an autonomous vehicle on Japanese roads. Its vehicle intelligence system, called The new prototype vehicle is based on Nissan’s LEAF electric vehicle, but with high-tech lasers, cameras, and sensors that allow the car to drive itself.
Tesla Motors

Tesla’s Autopilot is Here

This week, Tesla Motors unveiled their new autopilot system. Much like the ubiquitous systems that do most of the work involved in flying today’s airplanes, Tesla’s autopilot is designed to eliminate human ... Read More...