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Public Transportation Goes Driverless

Today, for the first time, self-driving passenger vehicles will become available for public transportation in the United States. A fleet of autonomous cars, powered by the Uber Advanced Technologies Center (ATC) took to the streets this morning in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to offer passengers a free, driverless experience.

Autonomous Minibus Uses IBM’s Watson IoT

A new autonomous vehicle is now cruising (slowly) through the streets of Washington, DC. Olli is an autonomous electric vehicle that can carry up to 12 people. It is the first autonomous vehicle to use IBM’s artificial intelligence platform, Watson Internet of Things (IoT).

Google’s Autonomous Vehicle Can Now Honk and Hum

Google’s latest report on its self-driving vehicle project focuses on a feature that could easily be overlooked: the car’s sounds. Engineers are now teaching Google’s autonomous cars how to honk and giving the quiet electric vehicle the familiar sounds of a traditional engine.