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autonomous vehicles

Guidelines for Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Testing

Fully Evaluating Performance and Safety Considerations is Critical to Successful Deployment As wireless communications technology...

Rolls-Royce Reveals Concept Drawings of Autonomous Naval Vessel

Rolls-Royce has plans to make an autonomous naval vessel using cutting edge technology, artificial intelligence, and advanced propulsion.

Testing Underway for Autonomous Refuse Collection

Volvo has teamed with a Swedish waste management company to engineer the world's first autonomous waste removal vehicles.

Boston Startup Raises Funds to Enable Deep Learning in Autonomous Vehicles

The next phase of artificial intelligence involves deep learning, autonomous vehicles, and a new take on the human brain.

U.S. DOT Releases Federal Policy On Automated Vehicles

Driverless cars are heading to a road near you; see how the Department of Transportation is dealing with this technological leap forward.
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Public Transportation Goes Driverless

Today, for the first time, self-driving passenger vehicles will become available for public transportation in the United States. A fleet of autonomous cars, powered by the Uber Advanced Technologies Center (ATC) took to the streets this morning in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to offer passengers a free, driverless experience.

NHTSA Investigates Tesla Autopilot Following Fatal Crash

NHTSA is investigating the performance of Tesla’s Autopilot system after a driver was killed in a recent crash that occurred while his Model S was in Autopilot mode.

Autonomous Minibus Uses IBM’s Watson IoT

A new autonomous vehicle is now cruising (slowly) through the streets of Washington, DC. Olli is an autonomous electric vehicle that can carry up to 12 people. It is the first autonomous vehicle to use IBM’s artificial intelligence platform, Watson Internet of Things (IoT).

Google’s Autonomous Vehicle Can Now Honk and Hum

Google’s latest report on its self-driving vehicle project focuses on a feature that could easily be overlooked: the car’s sounds. Engineers are now teaching Google’s autonomous cars how to honk and giving the quiet electric vehicle the familiar sounds of a traditional engine.

Drivers Blame Tesla’s Self-Driving Features for Crashes

Who is at fault when an autonomous vehicle crashes? Two drivers are blaming the Tesla's automated features for recent crashes. In both cases, Tesla disputes the claims.
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