Quarter-Wavelength Impedance Matching Networks

This article describes a loss-less impedance matching technique that does not require the use of discrete components but instead uses cables or printed circuit board (PCB) traces, i.e., distributed elements or transmission lines.

Let’s Talk About the Low Noise Measurement Probe

Ever tried to measure low-level signals in the presence of noise? Or wanted to capture a measurement isolated from ground, like that of an ungrounded hand-held digital multi-meter, but also needed to capture finer details of the signal, like those captured with an oscilloscope?

Let’s Talk About Preamplifiers

A preamplifier (preamp) is a low-noise, high-gain amplifying device that plays an important role in performing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) radiated and conducted emissions testing. 
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What Every Electronics Engineer Needs to Know About: RF Amplifiers

This brief article is geared towards EMC test practitioners who are tasked with specifying broadband RF amplifiers for RF immunity testing and need to quickly get up-to-speed on the key factors involved in the buying decision before actually making the purchase of an expensive amplifier.