Systems “shrink job” and solid state upgrade supported by Empower HPAs

Empower RF has introduced an unique Airborne Pulse HPA solution that features UHF and L-Band pulse amplifiers tied to a shared power supply and delivering 1 kW and 3 kW pulse power, respectively.  Each amplifier is housed in a 3U chassis, and the shared power supply is housed in a 1U chassis.  As shown in the illustration below, this next generation solution replaces older products which totaled 16U in size  –  the UHF solid state amplifier was in an 8U chassis and an L-Band TWT was housed in another, separate 8U chassis.   That entire legacy combination has been converted to solid state, size has been reduced by 44%, and utilization of a single, shared power supply eliminates considerable systems integration work for the end user.  These next generation amplifiers from Empower also demonstrate our “device agnostic” approach to delivering a high performance systems solution  –  we design with the best devices for the application.  In this case, the UHF pulse amplifier is designed with LDMOS and the L-Band pulse amplifier is designed with GaN. 

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