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Suzuki Motorcycles Recalled for Two Electrical Problems


DL 1000Suzuki Motor of America is recalling a total of 2,404 motorcycles because of two separate electrical issues that can cause the engine to stall. The affected motorcycles are certain model year 2014 DL1000s and certain 2015 DL1000s. Starting January 22, Suzuki will notify owners and dealers will repair the motorcycles free of charge.

The first problem is with the ignition switch connectors. The ignition switch terminals can corrode if they are splashed with salt water or other corrosive liquids. If the corrosion progresses, the ignition lead wire and wire harness terminals of the connector can be connected, completing the power circuit independent of the ignition switch. If this happens, the engine cannot be stopped by turning off the ignition key. The corrosion could also lead to disconnection of electrical power, which would cause the engine to stall and therefore increase the risk of a crash. For the repair, dealers will install a cover for the ignition switch connector, and any corroded ignition lead wire and wire harnesses will be replaced.

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The other issue is that battery problems can cause the engine to stall. Due to corrosion or being attached to the painted engine case, the battery ground connection can develop poor electrical conductivity. This increases the risk of a crash because it can make the engine stall and prevent it from restarting. To fix this problem, dealers will relocate the battery ground connection to an unpainted surface and replace the ground wire protector with a high-heat resistance tube, free of charge.

Source: NHTSA | Image by Jan

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